Health Fair during Festival

  Individual health and well being can be an important concern for individuals to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle. The annual Family Reunion Festival is the perfect time to do this. The event gives attendees the opportunity to receive important health information, check-ups and learn about what the newest services CPN has to offer. Read More »

Spring into fitness

Spring is right around the corner and I have had several people asking questions about fitness. How do I start a fitness program? “Try to get moving every day, whether it’s walking, running, swimming, strength training, sports, playing with the kids or whatever works for you. If you can do that you will get healthier Read More »

CPN Dietitian offers healthy dietary expertise

Losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle can be daunting for anyone and going at it alone is a challenge that many people cannot overcome alone, especially when factoring in the day-to-day business of everyday life. This is why people like Torie Fuller are there to help. Torie Fuller, CPN Registered Dietitian RD/LD, is a Read More »