Tips on how to avoid overeating this holiday season.

The holidays are known for having an abundant amount of comfort foods, desserts and snacks. Food is one of the best ways to bring families together during the holiday season, but can have the side effect of extra inches on your waist. This holiday season; think twice before going back for a second plate of food and stay on track with healthy eating habits. CPN’s Healthy Heart Coordinator and Dietitian, Torie Fuller MS RD/LD, offers tips and insight on how to enjoy the foods that come with the holiday season while  keeping off  that extra weight.

“A multitude of health implications happen when you overeat,” explained Fuller. “The holidays are a prime time to add to health problems when you stuff yourself. Blood sugar levels can easily spike, heart rates can drastically change and headaches from a lack of nutrients can ensue.”

When it comes to cooking, consider incorporating healthy alternatives to traditional meals. Regular green beans can be a good substitute to the creamy green bean casserole. Passing up butter for olive oil can make a meal lighter and healthier. Getting a plate full of vegetables first will help fill up your stomach and avoid overeating heavy fat laden foods. Try drinking reduced-fat egg nog instead of regular whole fat.

Fuller continued, “Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love. Look up healthy recipe alternatives to the traditional meals you’re used to. Try using reduced or non-fat options in your meals. If you want to try everything, only get one plate and only get a tiny bit from each dish that is served at your family’s dinner.”

After your meal, suggest a family walk or encourage others to go play football outside. These heart healthy exercises will help work off a big meal.

“Losing weight and keeping it off is 80 percent eating healthy and 20 percent exercising,” explained Rochelle Plummer MS RD/LD CPN Diabetes Dietitian.

If thinking about kick starting a new healthy lifestyle and eating habit, start this holiday season with the tips offered and not as a New Year’s resolution. For more information please contact Torie Fuller at