Losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle can be daunting for anyone and going at it alone is a challenge that many people cannot overcome alone, especially when factoring in the day-to-day business of everyday life. This is why people like Torie Fuller are there to help.

Torie Fuller, CPN Registered Dietitian RD/LD, is a young pioneer of the culinary craft of nutrition. The 2013 graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma, designs healthy diets for tribal members and employees at CPN. Fuller plans classes, attends dietary seminars, and immerses herself in this community to assure that CPN employees and tribal members can understand the power and vitality of how a nutritious diet can benefit their lives.

Fuller, originally from Midwest City, Okla. organizes the Healthy Heart Initiative for tribal members who have Type 2 diabetes. With the Healthy Heart Initiative, participants work on improving their hearts’ health, obtain group support for continued success, and also receive up to $30 in food vouchers for FireLake Discount Foods.

“We have four classes a week for tribal members who have Type 2 diabetes. We highly recommend all tribal members who have Type 2 get into their physician to qualify for the program,” explained Fuller. “The reason why I love my job is that I have the freedom to work creatively to guide people in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle.”

Along with Healthy Heart classes, Fuller operates many other activities including monthly cooking classes for the Healthy Heart Initiative.

Fuller is highly committed to the practice of a healthy dietary lifestyle, so much so that she chooses to lead an after-hours program for fellow employees. Once a week on Thursdays, Fuller stays late to preach the gospel of healthy practices for any and every employee that wishes to attend.

Fuller also regularly attends seminars and programs to keep up with the trends on what can bring success to a nutritionist and their practice.

“Going vegetarian or even vegan has been trending at these seminars. A plant-based diet can be very beneficial to losing weight and living a healthier life,” explained Fuller. “People have to know that weight loss consists of 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.”

Fuller also added, “Monitoring your moderation matters the most when it comes to meal consumption.”

With National Nutrition Month coming up in March, Fuller has a lot of activities in store to help people to kick start their healthy habits. Between the tribal youth program, the Healthy Heart Initiative, and inquisitive employees seeking a new or continued healthy routine, Fuller has the know-how, information, and programs to help.

If you have questions regarding any of these programs contact the FireLake Wellness Center at 405-395-9304.