District 4 – Jon Boursaw

Potawatomi of Indiana: I’ve been giving my CPN history presentation for several years and have consistently spoken about the St. Joseph and Wabash Potawatomi in Indiana. I’ve described that even after the Trail of Death; several hundred Potawatomi were relocated to Sugar Creek Reservation in Kansas. I had the idea that these Potawatomi had been Read More »

District 3 – Bob Whistler

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), I just returned from the Gathering of Nations, held at Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada. As some of you may not know, each year, all nine of the Anishnabe Nations meet at one of the Nation’s locations. The meetings rotate locations so that over a nine-year period, each Nation hosts one of Read More »

District 2 – Eva Marie Carney

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), Happy September! It’s back to more traditional learning for those in school; I’ve been fortunate to do my own learning outside a classroom over the last months, since I am now focusing my law practice on human rights and immigration law, particularly on assisting victims of gender-based violence and persecution — Read More »

District 11 – Lisa Kraft

Bozho (Hello), Published in 1900, L. Frank Baum penned The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Baum, who dedicated his original story “to my good friend and comrade, my wife,” would perhaps be astounded that his words are still on our minds over a century later. His message: “There’s no place like home.” “What does all this Read More »

District 10 – David Barrett

Bozho (Hello), Fears within fear A friend sent me an email asking me what I knew about “genízaros.” I wasn’t aware, so I did a little research. The first article I read was “U.S. Indian Slavery once Thrived in New Mexico,” written by Simon Romero and published Jan. 28 in The New York Times. Romero Read More »

District 8 – Dave Carney

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), First and foremost, I would like to thank the members in District 8 for their support of me in the role as District 8 legislator. It has been a great experience thus far, and I have received far more than I have given — I have made tremendous friends, who sometimes Read More »

District 7 – Mark Johnson

Bozho nikan (Hello friend), The 2018 Potawatomi Leadership Program application period is now open and closes on April 2. Every summer, Citizen Potawatomi Nation welcomes eight to 10 tribal members between ages 18-20 to learn about the Tribe’s government, economic development and culture. I would like to encourage our District 7 members to apply for Read More »

District 6 – Rande K. Payne

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), Even though I’m fairly tech savvy, I’ve had a difficult time with Microsoft Outlook recently. I’ve had to reinstall it on my desktop and laptop computers. As fate would have it, an application called Plaxo that I was using to synchronize my contacts between all my email accounts and devices went Read More »

District 8 – Dave Carney

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), February is a short month and usually a very busy time. I’m always catching up on the prior year while trying to get my current year underway. Generally, my office desk is full of income tax receipts while I am still trying to pay off Christmas purchases. This year is no Read More »

District 7 – Mark Johnson

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), Since I announced in last month’s article that I would be seeking re-election as your District 7 Legislator, I thought I would talk about what is important to me. I just entered my 38th year as a firefighter and public servant, and serving others before myself was something I was born Read More »