The calendar goes around so quickly these days. I always have to check and see what is happening on which days. The same holidays happen each year and you would think we would have it down by now. Due to some days being on a particular Monday or Sunday, you always have to check. I am certain that you, by now, have checked out how Thanksgiving and Christmas fall so you can plan your holidays . You need time to take off work or plan around other family members to insure you are on the same clock.

September is no exception. While checking Google, I noticed there were holidays in September I wasn’t even aware of. We can stick to the good ol’ USA.

1) Native American Day, Sept. 22: Surely you would not believe I did not know this to be a fact until recently. President George H.W. Bush declared November to be Native American Heritage Month, but I was unaware of the day set aside. The timing does alter from state to state.

2) Labor Day, Sept. 4: It is probably the most recognized because that is the last holiday before the students go back to school. This too depends on what state you are in. Labor Day is to acknowledge the contribution and labor of the American worker that brought us to where we are today. It was established in 1894 after being requested as a special day thru unions in New York and grew from there.

3) National Grandparents Day, Sept. 10: The proclamation was honored on August 3rd, 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. I remember in years past I would buy cards for my Great-grandmother and my Grandmother. How wonderful it was to have known them and hear their stories. Truly blessed!

4) National Day of Charity, Sept. 5: While this should be self-explanatory it is a reminder of how important it is to help a neighbor or acquaintance when you can. We all get by with a little help from our friends in one way or another. No one stands alone!

5) Constitution Day/Citizenship Day, Sept. 17: On Sept. 17, 1787 it was ratified by all 13 states. Citizenship Day was signed on Feb. 29, 1952 by President Harry Truman.

6) Octoberfest (Oktoberfest) Celebration, Sept. 16: This is the beginning of recognition first held in the year 1810 in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. We now join in celebrating good food, drink and parties. Again I feel blessed as I am Potawatomi, French, Irish and German. It is with pleasure I celebrate all the related holidays.

7) Patriot Day, Sept. 11: This is an official state holiday (Massachusetts and Wisconsin) commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.

8) Fall Begins, Sept. 22: The weather may or may not change. Here in Arizona, it has at least cooled off in the evening but no promises. The good news is that summer is gone. The temperatures here this year have been as high as 120 degrees and utility bills unheard of.

9) Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sept. 11: On the lighter side of celebrations this one I did some research on and it was established in 1995 by guys who want to be guys. The old-fashioned guys in their language and pillaging. “All you bilge rats, aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” There are websites on how to become and take part in Pirate Day. I think it is related to the “man cave,” the place where you men go free of women and difficulties of the day. We have a follow up on that now called the “woman cave,” where we go free of men and children to watch a movie, read or just relax for the same reason. I don’t think there is a special language you need to learn to be in a woman’s cave, however. On a grander scale — and probably more realistic — is that we all need time for ourselves where we do not have to meet the needs of others. I call it regeneration.

This has been fun for me to take a look at September, what it holds and the infinite possibilities never even thought of (at least by me).

For the future, I am going to go through each month and see what it holds. You never know what you will turn up as a new experience. Schedules and calendars are important to keep our daily lives together. Sometimes, just to take you out of your comfort zone, take a look at something you have never done and do it.

There are several books out there encouraging such behavior as mentally stimulating, refreshing and rewarding. When you are on the computer, you have to hit that refresh button to keep the picture on. Right?

If you haven’t read Who Moved My Cheese, Eat the Frog or Acknowledge the Fear and Do It Anyway, one of these would be a good place to start. Go on a “Google safari.” You’ll be amazed at what you find you didn’t even know was there.

Wishing all of you the best of health and love in all you do,

Eunice Imogene Lambert
Legislator, District 5