Bozho nikan
(Hello friend),

The 2018 Potawatomi Leadership Program application period is now open and closes on April 2. Every summer, Citizen Potawatomi Nation welcomes eight to 10 tribal members between ages 18-20 to learn about the Tribe’s government, economic development and culture. I would like to encourage our District 7 members to apply for this program to help shape and build the future leaders of our Tribe. When you are chosen, you will spend your summer near Shawnee, Oklahoma, including during the Family Reunion Festival.

Family Festival regalia

When planning your June 29-July 1 trip to Shawnee for Family Reunion Festival, it would be great to start working on a set of regalia to wear during the Grand Entry on Saturday evening. There are a couple of companies that have parts, patterns and kits available to choose from. Noc Bay Trading Company (800-652-7192, or Crazy Crow Trading Post (800-786-6210, both have reasonable prices.

Colors that are prevalent in Potawatomi regalia are the same as other Upper and Western Great Lakes tribes. Background colors are “chalk white, yellow, light blue, Cheyenne pink and crystal, and occasionally black, navy blue and even dark transparent red and medium transparent green. Design colors are a wide range of virtually all shades of colors, with stylized floral motifs on a background of buckskin or navy, red or black cloth without a fully beaded background,” according to Crazy Crow Trading Post’s website.

Once the Potawatomi were relocated to Kansas, their regalia showed influence from the other prairie tribes with background colors of chalk white and occasionally yellow, light blue, Cheyenne pink and crystal.

“Oftentimes it is somewhat difficult to distinguish between what is background and what are motifs or designs, as these tribes were very good at creating optical illusions and using negative space in beadwork. Stylized floral motifs were usually worked on a background of buckskin or navy, red or black cloth, without a fully beaded background,” according to Crazy Crow Trading Post’s website.

Design colors were virtually all shades of colors, with red, yellow, corn yellow, light blue, Pony Trader/powder blue, navy blue, Cheyenne pink, dark green and medium green being most common.

I hope to see you in the dance circle.

Please vote

This is an election year for District 7. Please take the time to make your voice heard. Return your request for a ballot, and please take the time to vote when it arrives.

Once again, I would like to say what an honor it is to serve you as your District 7 representative. As always, give me a call, and I will be happy to work with you on any questions you may have or provide you with additional information you may need to access tribal benefits that you are entitled to. Please also take the time to give me a call or send me an email with your contact information so that I can keep you informed of the happenings within the Nation and District.

(Thank you),
Mark Johnson, Wisk Mtek
(Strong as a Tree)
Representative, District 7
1565 Shaw Ave., Suite 202
Clovis, CA 93611
559-351-0078 cell