Language Update: January 2023

In the January 2023 Language Update, Language Department Director Justin Neely pays tribute to James Thunder, Sr., who walked on in December 2022.

Language Update: December 2022

The December 2022 Language Department update highlights ongoing efforts at shipping children’s books in Bodéwadmimwen to Tribal members, updating online offerings and increasing audio file resources.

Language update: November 2022

The November 2022 Language Department update highlights a recent seven-week beginner language class taught by Department staff, new partnerships with colleges to teach the Potawatomi language and the numerous resources available online for those who wish to study Bodéwadmimwen.

Language update: October 2022

This month’s update from Language Director Justin Neely provides an update on the children’s book project, online class offerings, and highlights his participation in the 54th annual Algonquian Conference.

Hownikan Podcast: September 2022

During this episode, we’ll hear from the 2022 Potawatomi Leadership Program class about their experience and ideas for the Tribe’s future, celebrate International Podcast Day and talk to an Oklahoma City musician about his upcoming album.

Language update: September 2022

The September 2022 Language Update reflects on the Potawatomi Gathering and Language Conference, Language interns this summer and upcoming programs.

Technology, online platforms spread knowledge of Bodéwadmimwen

Through a partnership with Google Arts & Culture and the CPN Language Department, Bodéwadmimwen is one of the languages available on Woolaroo, an online platform that allows users to take a picture of common plants, animals, items and more and hear the Potawatomi word for it played back to them.

Language update: August 2022

The August 2022 Language Department update highlights important moments from the 2022 Family Reunion Festival and an exciting new partnership with Google.

Language update: July 2022

This month’s language update highlights the Language Department’s work with summer interns, efforts towards creating several children’s books and upcoming course developments.

Hownikan Podcast: June 2022

This episode discusses the health and cultural importance of strawberries, and shines a light on the new Potawatomi Fire dance teams. We also talk with a Tribal member and leader who recently became director of CPN’s Workforce Development and Social Services Department.