By Justin Neely, CPN Language Department Director

Bozho jayek (Hello everyone),

Ndotmesmen ode nibek. We have been busy this summer. Family Reunion Festival has wrapped up. It came and went pretty fast. (Gi wenet egi wabmengo.) It was good to see you all. We are in the last two weeks of our eight-week master apprentice program. We have some very dedicated students with us. They have come from near and far to learn gde-zheshmomenan (our language). Ngot bémadzet gi wjé byé zhi Colorado mine ngot nene egi wjé byat Kansas mine natsek e gi dawat nekmek shena zhi Mshkwakik. (One person came from Colorado, and one man came from Kansas, while several live here and there in Oklahoma.) Anet kékendasjek gi wshke-ndo-kkéndanwa mine anet egi kkéndanawa bgéji nwéch. (Some students were new trying to learn, and some knew a little more.) Jayek kyétnam kche-gshketonawa mine shpénmegwa nangotoygo. (Everyone is really trying hard, and I am proud of each of them.) Znéget nangdogen nétem gde-ndo-dapnan I gde-zheshmomenan. (It’s hard sometimes when you first try to pick up our language.) Moshek bémadzejek wi nsetonawa nwéch gshke-kiktowat. (Most people will understand more than they are able to say.) Bédo bwamshe gbonyénwimen gode bémadzejek gde-gshkekiktomen mine nsetetonawa ode Bodéwadmimwen. (I hope that before we conclude, these people will be able to talk and understand this Potawatomi Language.) Jayek abdek penojes penkiwen ode zheshmowen. (Everyone has to take baby steps with this language.) Ashkem gwi-nseteton mine ewi kiktoyen epich ndo-kkendasyen ode zheshmowen. (More and more you will understand and will talk as you try to learn this language.) Babwichgen! Gwi-gshketon ekiktoyen gishpen babwichetzoyen. (Wait! You will be able to talk if you are patient with yourself.) Gaga she nwi-pabmadzemen ibe Wéch ksenyak ode Bodéwadmimwen mawjeshnowen mine Bodéwadmi mawjeshnowen. (Soon we will travel north to the Potawatomi language conference and Potawatomi gathering.) Bédo gwi-wabmenem ezhi. (I hope I will see you all there.) Nwi-kenomage ezhi Bodéwadmimwen. (I will be teaching at the Potawatomi language conference.)

Nagech (Later),