CPN-owned bank gets new name, look

Sovereign Bank unveils its new name and logo in April 2023. The rebrand celebrates the Bank’s status as the largest tribally owned bank in the United States.

2021 numbers show record year for online fraud

November 13 through 19 is International Fraud Awareness Week. In a recent interview with the Hownikan, First National Bank & Trust Co.’s Bank Secrecy Officer Greg Arbuckle said he saw an increase in online scams in the aftermath of the pandemic, and recommended prevention practices.

Small steps can help consumers cope with inflation

The U.S. inflation rate recently hit a 40-year high, leading many Oklahomans to ask themselves what they can do to stay afloat during challenging financial times. James Boggs, president of community banking at First National Bank & Trust Co. writes about steps consumers can take to cope.

Convenient banking whenever and wherever you need it

For all the moments in life when banking should be easy, we’re here for you at First National Bank and Trust Co. We offer a variety of checking accounts that are sure to suit your needs. With all of the services we have to offer, including direct deposit, we can help everyone with their checking account needs.

The scoop on HUD 184 loans

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a special program for tribal citizens called the Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program, often referred to as a HUD 184 loan.

Why your credit score matters

Your credit score — whether good or bad — speaks to your responsibility and character in repaying someone who has loaned you money.

Lasting effects of COVID-19 on cybersecurity

Unfortunately, scammers often use crises to take advantage of people who aren’t properly protecting their personal and financial information.
First National Bank & Trust Co. is here to help guard against cybersecurity threats.