By Amanda Estala and Ashley Klewicki, FNB marketing department

First National Bank & Trust Company takes pride in serving our community and prioritizes being a good neighbor. Jim Kirby, senior vice president and lending officer at FNB, has worked with our community to provide financing for many new projects in Shawnee, including some unique and exciting housing developments.

Staff at First Nation Bank & Trust Company help businesses flourish.

Grove Properties is constructing a premier housing addition for seniors, and it is one of two new expansions coming to Shawnee. The Grove on Union will boast design styles and accommodations similar to those offered at The Grove Moore. Located north of MacArthur on Union, the gated senior community will have up to 175 units available for adults age 55 and over. Some amenities include a clubhouse with a large meeting area, large stocked pond, theater, safe room, pool, workout area and much more. Grove Villas will be a desirable and safe place to live, with local walking trails, parks and tennis courts literally steps away. These energy efficient, single-floor units’ construction prioritizes comfort and safety. Who wouldn’t want to live down a quiet street with great neighbors?

Developers Tony Meek and Gary Barnett have put a lot of thought in to bringing this exceptional addition to Shawnee. When asked why, Meek said, “There is nothing like this here. Shawnee is a growing community, and we want something to keep our seniors in our town.”

Just around the corner from The Grove on Union, construction is beginning on the second newest housing development called Cardinal Point. The neighborhood brings the 1940s neighborhood style to present-day with Craftsman-style houses, narrow streets and sidewalks through the whole addition. The design encourages families to be active in their neighborhoods as well as outdoor events like kids riding their bikes, scavenger hunts and block parties.

Rick Landes from Land Home Specialties said, “We have the vision to get people out of their backyards and back into the front yard. We want our community to get to know their neighbors again. Neighbors helping neighbors.”

Local business and construction owners Rick Landes, Bryan Little, Josh Little and Colton McMahan are partnering to create a place for families to live the way life was always meant to be: together. Just imagine sidewalk cafes, a delicatessen or even a meat market. This growth will provide a sense of community within a community. This development will have 89 units ranging from 1,600 square feet to 2,000 square feet with affordability, convenience and comfort all in one.

Cardinal Point will feature two commercial buildings at its entrance, mirroring the main street-style storefronts with possibly apartments above. The idea is to have the community out, meeting, communicating and gathering again.

These new developments show promise for the future of Shawnee and our local economy. Many local businesses will have the opportunity to grow with the prospect of more people choosing to call Shawnee home. Jim Kirby and FNB are proud to be a part of this growth, putting community first and driving Shawnee forward. First National Bank & Trust Co. is looking forward to calling these new homeowners ‘’neighbors” and providing outstanding mortgage services. We know you have a choice; thank you for choosing us.