By Linda Wesley with Story Path Communications

When was the last time you walked into a bank to deposit a check or take care of other business with your account? We live in an on-the-go world, and banking has certainly adapted to the needs of customers in that regard. With online banking, you have access to your accounts from any computer with internet access. The smart phone in your pocket or purse extends that access even further. Whether you’re taking kids to extracurricular activities, enjoying a weekend hike or running routine errands around town, you can still connect to your bank account when needed.

For all the moments in life when banking should be easy, we’re here for you at First National Bank and Trust Co. We offer a variety of checking accounts that are sure to suit your needs. With all of the services we have to offer, including direct deposit, we can help everyone with their checking account needs — even if you don’t live in Oklahoma.

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere

There are lots of reasons to need access to your bank account on the go. Maybe it is payday, and you want to be sure your paycheck is in your account before stopping at the grocery store. Or you are checking to be sure the rent check you mailed last week has cleared. Or you realized you forgot to pay the cable bill and need to pay it now. With online and mobile banking, you can check account balances, see recent transactions, pay bills, stop payment on a check and much more.

Send money quickly and easily with PopMoney®*

The little league football team won a big game, and it’s time to celebrate with pizza. One parent takes care of ordering the pizza and collects money from the rest of the team, but you don’t have any cash on hand. With PopMoney through your FNB account, you can send money via email or text without needing any financial information from the other person. It’s quick and easy for you and the person you’re paying.

Use TransferNow®* to transfer money to another account

Your youngest child is off on new adventures for their freshman year of college. They are working part-time and staying on top of their studies, and you want to send a little fun money for snacks or some new clothes. With TransferNow, you can quickly and easily transfer money directly to their account, even if they use a different bank. You just need the bank name and account number.

Deposit checks from anywhere

You meet up with a friend for coffee, and they write you a check to pay their portion of the sympathy flowers you sent to a grieving friend. You know if you stick it in your purse, that check might be lost forever. With mobile deposit, it is easy to deposit the check right there so you don’t forget. Mobile check deposit is also great when you are traveling, live farther away from one of our locations, or simply do not feel like leaving the house.

Log in safely and securely

Whether you are accessing your accounts from a computer or a mobile device, we have multiple layers of security in place to keep your information secure. We recommend using a strong password that is unique to your FNB account. If you are using a public or shared computer, be sure to log out when you finish, even though the system will log you out automatically after a certain period of time.

Call or come see us if you have questions

In the days of mobile banking and mobile deposit, we have many customers who never need to visit one of our physical locations. Some customers still come in regularly, and our friendly team members are always happy to see them. If you have questions or need our help with something, our employees are here for you by phone or in person at one of our six locations in Shawnee, Holdenville, Lawton, Magnum and Granite. We can help you open an account, deposit checks or cash, answer questions about online banking access, and much more.

Visit online for more information on our services and locations.

*Terms, fees and conditions may apply.