CPN to start refuge for Monarch butterflies

For the past 20 years, environmental organizations have fought to keep the Monarch butterfly from going extinct. The iconic butterfly has experienced a significant population loss, mainly due to pesticide use on genetically engineered crops. Pesticides kill milkweed, which is the Monarch’s main source of food and shelter. For some Native American tribes, butterflies symbolize Read More »

Heritage Center stands tall on tenth anniversary

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor a direct hit from a tornado or a multi-million dollar, man-made flood could stop the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center from reaching its tenth anniversary. “It’s been an incredibly difficult past couple of years following the flood of 2014, but as we begin to undertake the rebuild of museum Read More »

Autumn at the CPN Community Garden

After a wet summer and three different floods to the grounds at the Eagle Aviary, the CPN Community Garden is now fully back to normal production. The only plant to survive the torrential rainfall was the okra, which is aptly named, “three flood okra.” Now the garden is abundant with an array of fall produce Read More »

Traditional winter tales in Citizen Potawatomi culture

With the Halloween decorations down and the feasting season ahead, Potawatomi are dusting off the fabled winter stories that are only to be told when the air is crisp and the young ones hold out a realistic hope for a snow day. “Winter stories tend to be more of those we’d think of as morality Read More »