The CPN Family Preservation Program under Desiree Coffey

The Citizen Potawatomi Indian Child Welfare Department has one of the toughest challenges in Indian Country, providing services and interventions on behalf of some of the Tribe’s most in-need citizens. The department’s trials are outmatched by the determination of the staff, a core group of individuals who deal with families and Tribal citizens on some of their worst days. Heading up the Family Preservation Program is Desiree Read More »

Skaggs keeps court and participants on schedule for CPN Indian Child Welfare

Keeping a sunny and playful disposition comes in handy in most lines of work, but the talent for gallows humor is even more important when you’re on the front lines of social services like the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Indian Child Welfare Department.  A walking embodiment of that kind of outlook is Nickie Skaggs. Originally hailing Read More »