Celebrate National Taco Day with CPN

Not a traditional Native American food, fry bread originated out of necessity. In the mid-to late-1860s, the United States forcibly removed the Diné people from their ancestral homelands in what is now Arizona to present-day New Mexico. Travelers began making fry bread from the limited rations handed out by the government. Fry bread tacos were reportedly first served in a restaurant in 1964, and have since permeated Indian Country.

Pizza and fry bread tacos on the menu at new CPN-owned eateries

There will be some new aromas in the air at the corner of Hardesty Road and S. Gordon Cooper Drive in the coming weeks as FireLake Fry Bread Taco and FireLake Pizza restaurants are now open. Both restaurants offer a create-your-own menu along with traditional specialty items. “I encourage all to try our new restaurants,” Read More »