First National Bank welcomes Scott Kemp

Scott Kemp is the new senior lending officer at The First National Bank & Trust Co. of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Kemp brings a high degree of knowledge to First National Bank, thanks to his years of experience in the sector.

Importance of community relations, customer service and planning

Within a bank setting, some tools and skills are vital to success and customer satisfaction. Community relations, customer service and planning are among those qualities that are critical for the future of a business, especially one that primarily deals with the public.

Helping make homeownership a reality

Understanding the benefits of homeownership can help make the decision easy. First National Bank & Trust Co. is here to assist Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal members across the United States with becoming homeowners.

The importance of savings

Since we were old enough to open our first bank account, our parents, grandparents and various family members have harped on the subject of a savings account.

We are all essential

At FNB, we want to remind everyone that you are essential. This includes the educators, doctors, nurses, first responders and service industry workers who are risking their lives for others every day.

First National Bank & Trust Co. gives back to our communities

The holiday season is always a time of togetherness and giving back, but that feels even more important than usual this year when so many are struggling. At First National Bank & Trust, there are several ways we give back to our communities during the holiday season.