By Payton Moody
First National Bank & Trust Co.

Do you ever come up short on cash or bills when you need it the most? One route to financial stability is a savings account.

Since we were old enough to open our first bank account, our parents, grandparents and various family members have harped on the subject of a savings account. They told us 10 percent of our paycheck each month should go into our savings, just in case something went wrong.

Little did we know, they were actually correct.

For example, you go to get in your car in the morning for work, and it doesn’t start. You don’t have any savings, and all the money in your bank account is going toward upcoming bills. You are late for work, which is also losing money. This is a prime situation when a savings account is an excellent thing to have.

It can prove to be a vital tool when an emergency or unexpected payment arises. In today’s society, mishaps and emergencies are inevitable. Be prepared with a savings account.

Each month, a portion of your paycheck can be put into your savings account — even an amount as little as $10.

At First National Bank & Trust Co., we are here to make sure you are never left unprepared. With our friendly and welcoming staff, opening a savings account is quick and easy, not to mention a necessity for everyone. There is no such thing as starting too early.

Come open your savings account with us today, and be prepared for life’s many surprises.

The First National Bank and Trust Co. is here to help.

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