Citizen Potawatomi voters in three of Oklahoma’s at-large legislative districts chose to return all incumbents to the Tribal Legislature.

Bobbi Bowden, David Barrett and Lisa Kraft are sworn in by Judge Phillip Lujan and Court Clerk Andrea Gabel.

David Barrett defeated challenger Norman Brasfield in District 10’s election. Barrett won with 349 votes while Brasfield collected 116.

Runoff elections were not necessary in 2019, with District 11 and District 13 being decided by outright majorities.

In District 11, Lisa Kraft defeated two challengers in a three-person race with 50.4 percent of ballots cast. Kraft received 230 votes while John Tom Anderson and Christina Brasfield received 170 and 56 votes respectively.

In District 13, Bobbi Bowden defeated two comers, winning an outright majority with 282 votes, or 61 percent of ballots cast. Challengers Jay Laughlin and Michael Whistler received 111 and 66 votes respectively.

Tribal voters also confirmed the renewal of CPN Supreme Court Justices Jane Braugh and Nicholas Jones. Both will serve another six-year term.

Additionally, voters approved the annual Tribal budget with 1,206 voting in favor, 80 opposed. At the time of writing, all race results were unofficial until the protest period ends on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 5 p.m.