Legislative Branch

The August 2007 constitutional revision created a 16-member Legislature to replace the former five-member Business Committee. The five members of the Business Committee were grandfathered into membership in the legislature, filling five of the eight Oklahoma-based legislative seats. The remaining three Oklahoma-based seats and eight seats in districts spread over the remaining 49 states were filled in elections in late 2007 and early 2008.

The Legislature speaks and acts as the legislative branch of the tribal government. It has all general powers not delegated by the Tribal Constitution to other entities. The Tribal Constitution limits the ability of the Legislature to speak and act on behalf of the tribe except by resolution or ordinance, thereby preserving the power of the Executive Officers to manage day-to-day affairs of the tribe. The ability to appropriate tribal funds, create tribal employment positions or departments, or contract on behalf of the tribe are powers reserved only to the Legislature. The authority to hire legal counsel for the tribe is reserved to the Legislature.

About the Legislature

Thirteen legislators and the three Executive Officers constitute the Legislature.

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Legislature holds quarterly meetings throughout the year. Video archives of the quarterly meetings are made available for viewing on Potawatomi.org within two business days following the conclusion of the meeting. You can access the video archives by clicking here.

The CPN legislature has formed eight committees: Rules & Government; Judiciary & Public Safety; Health & Human Services; Natural Resources; Tribal Culture & Arts; Economic Development & Commerce; and Committee of the Whole (Appropriations & Budgets and Legislative Committee on Enrollment).