Name: Jon E. Boursaw, Wetase Mkoh (Brave Bear)

Potawatomi family: Bourassa and Ogee

Residence: Topeka, Kansas

Education: Highland Park High School (Kansas), Washburn University, U.S. Air Force Squadron Officers School – Maxwell AFB, U.S. Air Force Academic Instructor’s Course, Maxwell AFB, U.S. Air Force Air and Command Staff College, Maxwell AFB, National Security Seminar, Ft. McNair, U.S. Air War College, Maxwell AFB, U.S. Air Force Base Commanders Course

Occupation: Retired, but was previously a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, Assistant Vice President for Aetna Government Health Plans, Executive Director of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and Director of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center

On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: I feel the Nation’s legislature is still in the process of maturing as a governing body and I believe that the combination of my extensive background, performance and experience as a legislator for the past four years is critical to this evolution of it becoming a more effective governing body.

Letter to the voters:
CPN District 4 Members,

This is the third time that my opponent and I have challenged for the position as your CPN District 4 legislative representative. The previous two elections have been decided by the narrowest of margins. I would like to see that margin much larger this year – obviously in my favor – but to achieve that I need your support. That support can only come in the form of a vote by you and the other members of your family who are eligible to vote.

During my current term as your District 4 representative, I have devoted considerable time and effort in serving the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and its members in Kansas by:     

  • Conducting annual district meetings in Kansas City, Rossville, Wichita and Garden City.
  • Giving the CPN History presentation dozens of times over the past three years.
  • Conducting numerous naming ceremonies in which more than 75 tribal members have received their Potawatomi names.
  • Representing the Nation at meetings with the National Park Service which is developing plans for the Pappan Landing Park in Topeka.
  • Participating with fellow CPN veterans in numerous color guard events. 
  • Representing the Nation as a member of the Shawnee County Historical Society Board of Trustees and late in 2016 I was selected to serve on the Kansas State Historical Foundation Board of Trustees, where I will also represent the Nation.
  • Participating in several meetings with the Prairie Band Potawatomi on issues of common interest.

This does not include the numerous meetings, conversations and appointments I have had with tribal members on a wide variety of topics; such as enrollment, health care, housing, and scholarships.

I look forward to serving you for another four years.

Jon Boursaw, Wetase Mkoh | Bourassa/Ogee Families | District 4 Legislative Representative


Name: Theresa Adame, Mdwejewen

Potawatomi family: Navarre

Residence: Rossville and Delia area, Kansas

Occupation: 35 years in Business Administration

Education: Hayden Catholic High School (Kansas), Highland Junior College, Washburn University

On why she believes running for the tribal legislature is important: Soon after the election many people realized just how important their vote is. After much thought, I have agreed to run for office again. I have told my family and friends I am not going this path alone. I have a great team and I hope to represent all of Kansas once again.

Letter to the voters: Thank you to the Hownikan for this opportunity to address the people of CPN District 4 in Kansas.

Growing up, I would walk into my grandmother’s house every Sunday seeing the photos of her four sons in military uniform, all WWII veterans. That familial example of service to nation has been a bigger influence on me than I ever imagined. I’m honored to use my skills to serve our Nation as well.

My CPN Nation has always had a special place in my heart. Growing up in Kansas, I did not have a close connection with my Oklahoma-based tribe. As I started that “learning journey,” I realized that other Kansans felt the same void. It’s been such fun to share what I’ve learned and help others along the path toward strengthening their heritage!

Because of that journey, I have learned much about the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. I’ve come to know the people who serve our nation, government departments, the budget process, senior citizen benefits and requirements of the position.

A 30+ year career in business management has honed my abilities to handle day-to-day aspects of a million dollar company. My skills have been used in a wide range of aspects, from negotiating federal contacts to caring for our pediatric patients – all critical assets to serve you in government.

Even though I didn’t serve you over the last four years, I’ve not stopped learning and working for the Nation. I would be honored to share the trip again.

I look forward to hearing your stories, navigating the bureaucracy and learning how we can improve our Nation together.

I’m a proud member of the Navarre family, and will be helping host the tribal Festival this year. I welcome questions there, or you can contact by phone/email. Please vote Adame for District 4 legislature.