RobertWhistler.jpgName: Bob Whistler, Bmashi (He Soars) 

Potawatomi family: Bourassa

Residence: Bedford, Texas

Education: Arkansas City High School (Kansas), San Diego City College, California State University Los Angeles

Occupation: Owner of “RedMan I am Promotions,” a distributorship for custom logo merchandise

On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: CPN has grown very dramatically and needs to be as diverse as possible. I am running for District 3 because I have experience in over eight industries in service,
management, customer service and sales along with over nine years of government experience, that I can contribute towards our growth and future to benefit the constituents in district three and the Nation.

Letter to the voters: In recent years, CPN has grown almost tenfold, or 1,000 percent! We are moving into new enterprises to continue our growth, which is why I am running for re-election for CPN District 3. I have experience in more than eight different industries. This experience includes budgets, management, customer service, insurance, hospitals, mortuary, manufacturing and sales in the business world. I also have nine years of legislative experience and three years of city
government experience. I will use this for our enterprise growth, and future to benefit the constituents in District 3 and the Nation. What I have to offer is years of experience in: Government and business.

By voting for me you get: Best Of Both

This will give you a diverse background and experience which compliments that of the rest of your elected representatives. My objective is to seek out more benefits and services to improve the life of you and your family. It has been an honor and privilege to serve you the last nine years and to continue, I need your vote!


Bob Whistler/Bmashi (He Soars)

Jahn Eric Humphreys.jpg

Full name: Jahn Eric Humphreys
Potawatomi family: Slavin
Residence: San Leon, Texas
Education: Hillcrest High School (Texas), University of Houston, Mississippi College of Law
Occupation: Family Law Attorney
On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: I feel that it is very important for all of us to give back to our community. Only by all of us being involved and committed can we see our Nation strengthen and grow. Decisions and actions taken now will affect generations to come, and I want to help that future.

Letter to the voters:

Hello, (Bozho)

My name is Jahn Eric Humphreys, son of John Eckford Humphreys, son of Teresa (Slavin) Reed, and father of Jeremy Erin, grandfather of Carys Jane, and husband to Ms. Karla Rae for the last 27 years. I live in San Leon, Texas, on Galveston Bay, in Galveston County, Texas, where I am self-employed as an attorney specializing in family law, with an emphasis on the protection of children and families. I graduated from University of Houston Downtown Campus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Land Management in 1986 and graduated from Mississippi College School of Law, in Jackson, Mississippi in 1992. I am past president of the Galveston County Family Bar Association and past president of the Galveston County Mediation Association. I am also a founding board member of the Bay Area Turning Point, a domestic violence shelter. I am running for the District 3 legislative position for the simple reason that I want to be a meaningful part of Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s future in bringing tribal culture, medical care, education, economic assistance, political awareness and power to the people of this Nation.

I welcome your questions and opinions. Please call me or email me if you wish to ask me anything or if I can address a concern of yours.

Above all, please vote.

Jahn Eric Humphreys
(281) 338-0123