Name: Roy V. Slavin, Netagtege (Forever Planting)

Potawatomi family: Slavin

Residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Education: U.S. Army Radio Operator School – Ft. Monmouth, N.J., U.S. Army Radio Repair School – Ft. Mon-mouth, N.J.

Occupation: Avionics Technician (retired)

On why he believes running for the tribal legislature is important: “I ran because I see it as a way of giving back to the tribe.”

Letter to the voters:
Since I did not draw an opponent in the upcoming elections, I hope this means my constituents are satisfied with the job I have been doing.

My focus has been and will continue to be having meetings in my very large CPN District 1 in order to familiarize my constituents with the operation of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and give them the opportunity to meet their representatives and voice their opinions, concerns and approval.

As always, I will take this opportunity to thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve as your representative.

* No other candidates filed to run in District 1