The month of August means that summer is coming to an end and school is beginning again. The PLACE Tribal Youth Program’s summer session will end with a trip to Six Flag Over Texas in Arlington. This trip will be for the youth who complete 40 hours of community service and keep their grades up.

On the agenda for the GET Native Program involves stickball and lacrosse at the powwow grounds, talking circles about summer break and beginning a new school year and cultural lessons. Tribal youth will take an Intro to Native 101 class, discussing what all Native Americans should know about being an American Indian. They will also learn specifically about the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and the Potawatomi people.

The GET Smart Program will include a college readiness class, after school homework assistance and team-building activities like Scrabble scramble and group pie eating contests. The STEM Program will be back in full swing as the students create Lego robots and race cars. 

Fitness is also very important in the program, so we have a lot on the agenda for the GET Fit Program. Tribal youth will play traditional and Navajo kickball. They will also play old-fashioned six-on-six basketball and prepare for the upcoming 5K by walking two miles per day.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in mind, the tribal youth will be enjoying egg volleyball, hula hoop races, giant water balloon team relays, silly shot put with a sock filled with Fruit Loops and dizzy discus with paper plates.

If you have a tribal youth that would be interested in our FireLodge Tribal Youth or PLACE programs, please call 405-214-5110 or email