The CPN Veterans Organization had a very productive 2015, and 2016 promises to be a good year as well.

On 14 December 2015 a webinar was aired titled “An Overview of PTSD and Treatment Perspectives Among
Native American Veterans.” Native scholar and tribal veteran Greg Urquhart facilitated this program which was recorded, archived and can be seen at any time by visiting the website:

It will provide information on reports by researchers that Native Americans tend to greatly underutilize healthcare resources provided to them because of the cultural barriers. So, understanding the culture is needed to overcome these barriers. A majority of psychological services are based on a western model of mind body dualism and are not representative of the common Native American veterans’ view of holistic (body and mind as one) healing.

This program should help participants identify preferences for aspects of treatment/healing programs, as reported by Native American veterans that would facilitate engagement in the healing process. It will examine Native American veterans’ attitudes, beliefs and perceptions toward PTSD and its treatment/healing as well as recognize “military culture” in assessing and managing Native American veterans with PTSD.

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