Registration for “A League of Their Own” are being taken now. There is a special registration form for the league outside of the typical summer league games held at the quad.

“A League of Their Own” began their first season of play in the spring of 2009 at the Seminole Girls Softball Complex. The co-ed league consists of individuals with cognitive or physical delays that would not otherwise have the opportunity to play on a typical league team. The individuals are able to play with the assistance of a “buddy”. All players bat and score, however, there is no actual record of score kept. Everyone is a winner.

Limitations are obsolete in this specially formulated game.  Accommodations are made to support every individual’s needs.  They must only be willing to participate. “We have faced challenges every year, but we haven’t found one yet we can’t modify to support our players to be awarded the opportunity of inclusion and unity, within a team and within a community,” remarks Holli Daniels, coordinator of the special league. “The love for this league grows every season.”

It is hard to tell who is actually learning more from the experience- the players or the buddies. It is amazing to watch the game; everyone getting comfortable and having fun. “We know the players will take away from the experience, but to watch the “buddies” get excited and be an encouragement to the kids, showing team spirit and participation, is priceless.”

All League of Their Own games will be played on Monday nights at 6:30 pm while regular league games are also in play. Buddies will be scheduled for the entire season with representation from various student organizations and athletic programs from Seminole Public Schools, as well as Seminole State College.  Local businesses and the Seminole Police Department will also show their support.

Registrations are needed by March 1st. The league will run from late April until mid June. For more information or to get a registration form about A League of Their Own please contact Holli Daniels at 405 380 7027. For information about the Seminole Girls Softball league or sign-ups contact Jennifer Cramer at 405 584 0908.

Download the sign up form.