We’ve got some jewelry that makes great holiday gifts for that special someone in your life this week at FireLake Gift Shop, with earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants all priced to move out the door.

FireLake Gift Shop has many items like these at similarly affordable prices which can be seen in our store located inside the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center or online at   https://giftshop.potawatomi.org/. Be sure to follow our weekly items of the week at   https://www.facebook.com/firelakegifts.

1.    (Far left) #3947 $980.00 Necklace 7’ Hammered Turquoise
2.    (Far right) #3394 $890.00 Necklace 3 Piece Kingston Turquoise
3.    (Top left) #3528 $360.00 Bracelet Turquoise Engraved Wave Oblong Stone
4.    (Top center) #3529 $380.00 Bracelet Royston Turquoise Oblong southwest
5.    (Top right) #3528 $360.00 Bracelet Turquoise Engraved Wave Teardrop Stone
6.    (Left center) #3509 $90.00 Earrings SS Teardrop Wave Engraved
7.    (Center) #3503 $120.00 Earrings Hammered Turquoise Drop
8.    (Bottom center) #3508 $70.00 Earrings SS Wave Engraved
9.    (Right center) #3507 $70.00 Earrings Engraved Turquoise Heart Shape SS
10.   (Bottom right) #3501 $140.00 Earrings Turquoise Teardrop Large
11.   (Bottom left) #3499 $220.00 Pendant SS Water Wave Symbol