Bozho ginwa,

This is my last opportunity to address our people before the June election, and I would be wrong to forget our Grandfather Teachings of humility and respect. I would most like to say Kché Migwetth to those who have taken the time to talk with me about our future and those who have given me their support in our Potawatomi endeavors. You guys are the reason I will never stop helping our people, you give my life purpose.

The Hownikan staff has been a tremendous help, also, with editing and of course informing everyone.

I would also like to thank Bobbi Bowden for running a friendly campaign. Migwetth Bobbi!

Sometimes in elections, we forget that we are all in this together. I am not out to beat anyone, I want for us all to win in the end. For me, winning means we will have more knowledge to pass down to our next generations: historical Potawatomi knowledge, Tribal business knowledge, and real Native wisdom. When I think of our ancestors who found death in battle defending our Potawatomi lifeways, and those who were marched across the continent to struggle in a distant land, I know we owe it to them to honor their names and have something they brought to pass on to our descendants. It is respect for them, respect for each other and respect for ourselves that will strengthen our Tribe.

My name is Sam Navarre. I am Neshnabé. My time as an employee at CPN taught me how to improve our Tribal businesses. My lifetime in Indian Country has taught me that I have what is needed to help my Tribal members, and how much I want to see them happy. I have the Native education both mentally and spiritually to stand up and represent my People, and I humbly ask that you choose me to represent our Tribe as your next District 13 legislator.


To read more about Sam’s positions as a candidate, click here or here.