Though officially three legislative seats were on the June 27, 2015 ballot, absentee voters and those casting in-person ballots during the 2015 CPN Family Reunion Festival only had two decisions to make.

For Oklahoma voters, the contest between incumbent Bobbi Bowden and challenger Samuel Navarre was up for grabs, while Potawatomi from all districts voted on the proposed annual tribal budget. 

In District 13, Bowden emerged the victor with 284 total votes to Navarre’s 190.

“I would like to begin by congratulating Mr. Navarre on a great campaign. I admire his knowledge of our language and traditions and I look forward to continuing to learn from him in the future,” said Bowden. “With a grateful and humble heart I would like to thank the members of our great Nation for their votes and believing in and voting for me to continue as your District 13 legislative representative. I will do my best to continue to serve to the best of my ability. I look forward to the growth and great things that are in store for the future of our tribe. Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any questions or concerns.”

District 13 opponent Samuel Navarre thanked his supporters for their encouragement throughout the race.

“Kché migwetch to all who participated in this election!” commented Navarre.” From the voters who reached out to me, you don’t know how much your support has meant, and to our winner, Bobbi Bowden, who ran a classy campaign. It has been my honor to speak for our Tribe and the needs of our People. I will continue my work to help our Tribe develop, grow, and embrace our sacred heritage, so in the words of Evita, “Don’t cry for me…the truth is I never left you.” Here’s to our success in the future!

The annual Tribal budget was also affirmed, with a vote of 1,346 for and 105 against.

District 10 and 11 elections for incumbents David Barrett and Lisa Kraft were won by those incumbents with no opposition.