Once again, I respectfully ask for your vote so I may continue to serve you, the members of our great Nation.

I hope for the opportunity to continue to work with our Tribe’s leaders towards a bright future for our Tribe so we can continue to provide the benefits to our members that so many
of us need.

I would also like to see these benefits continue to expand to include more services to our elders as well as continued support of higher education to our members. I am honored to have worked with the other legislators for the past eight years and hope for the opportunity to continue to do so.

I hope I have earned your trust and support, but most importantly take the time to vote. Make your voice heard. Your vote is vital.

I appreciate the continued support of my colleagues and their positive remarks and messages. Whatever the outcome, I have gotten more out of my service than what I put in.

When my service began on the CPN Business Committee eight years ago, I had no idea what amazing things I was about to learn and be a part of. I wish to thank you all for that opportunity and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a proud member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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