Set to go on display in 2017 at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. in 2017, the August 5, 1836 U.S.-Potawatomi Yellow River Treaty is an integral part of Potawatomi history.

Signed in the eighth month of the year, it was only the sixth of nine treaties drafted between the Potawatomi and U.S. Government in 1836. The treaty will be displayed to the public starting in August 2017 in the museum’s “Nation to Nation” exhibit.

One of the signers of the treaty, Potawatomi leader No-taw-kah, is featured here in a painting by George Winter. The first two pages of the treaty are also seen here, with No-taw-kah and other Potawatomi leaders referenced in the preamble.

To view page 1 of the treaty, click here. To view page 2 of the treaty, click here.