On May 28, 2015 the CPN Legislature convened its quarterly and final meeting of the 2014-15 legislative session.

It was a busy agenda, starting with the legislature’s authorization of a resolution supporting the Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation’s Microenterprise Program application. The CPN Child Development Center’s application funding request through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was also approved. Legislators approved a grant application to the U.S. Department of Education for the CPN Indian Education Discretionary grant program as well.

Other grant funding applications, including those for the Tribal Court Improvement, Adult Drug Court discretionary grant, Basic Library Services and Education Assessment and the Cultural Resource and Preservation grant programs were similarly voted for and approved. Resolutions supporting the CPN Climate Change Adaptation Planning Application, which would be funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs 2015 Cooperative Landscape Conservation program, the Tribal Energy Development Capacity program, Community Service Block
Grants and the Low Income Home and Energy Assistance Program also received unanimous approval by the legislature.

Support for increased funding of the Tribal Sanitation Facilities Construction program for new and like-new housing units was approved, as were similar resolutions for scattered, existing homes and water line extensions for Pottawatomie County Rural Water District 3. Grant funding proposals were also supported with unanimous consent for applications for the Tribal diabetes and Healthy Heart programs.

John Tom Anderson was confirmed to the CPN Gaming Commission with a unanimous affirmative vote, while a fee-totrust acquisition resolution for the Cook property for non-gaming, on reservation use was also approved. Likewise, fee-to-trust resolutions for the Murrell and Ragle properties were approved.

In membership news, 182 applicants were enrolled as members of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.