CPN Workforce & Social Services

All CPN Workforce & Social Services programs assist economically disadvantaged, unemployed and underemployed members of our community. Services are rendered on an unmet need basis with available funding. Counselors can assist with resume writing, job referrals, interview tips, job placement and other employment-related services.

If you are interested in employment opportunities with Citizen Potawatomi Nation, please check our jobs site at FireLakeJobs.com

Contact Information

Physical Address

1549 Workforce Dr.
Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: (405) 878-3854
Fax: (405) 273-1752

Mailing Address

1601 S. Gordon Cooper Dr.
Shawnee, OK 74801

Career training

Employment counselors offer participants a boost in their job search and application techniques. Resume writing, job referral, interview tips and other employment-related services are provided. Opportunities include subsidized and unsubsidized employment. Employment opportunities have no limitation. Hands-on job training with actual work experience and on-the-job training programs may be determined appropriate for some participants. Vocational Exploration placements are designed to explore potential career options. Work Experience placements are designed to help those who may need a boost in joining the workforce.

On-the-job training is utilized to encourage employers to choose an E&T participant over other similarly qualified applicants. Past opportunities have included day care, general clerical, receptionist, medical, mechanical, bakery, restaurant, customer-oriented services, and many others. Both public and private businesses and organizations (whether for profit or nonprofit) have benefited from employees obtained through CPN employment services.

Direct Employee Assistance

Direct Employment Assistance is designed to assist Indian people residing in Citizen Potawatomi Nation and who have obtained a permanent full-time job but still need help with initial expenses for travel, meals, specialized clothing, etc. until they receive their first paycheck.

Education Counseling

Education counselors are available to help participants complete grant applications from FAF SA (PELL), adult-basic education (ABE), GED studies, certification training or adult vocational training, to higher education for bachelor degrees. ABE and GED are offered one-on-one and on-site or may be facilitated through other general public programs. Participants can obtain training through vocational technical schools; two-year and four-year college programs; and more. Past students have selected courses that focused on nursing, business, dental, medical, fiber optics and more.

Education Assistance

Classroom Training

Classroom training is open to all federally recognized tribal members residing within the Citizen Potawatomi Nation service area. This program is designed to help middle- and low-income families with education costs. Assistance is available for full-time and part-time students in various programs. Students must demonstrate an unmet financial need and maintain a 2.0 GPA to be considered. Funding is limited.

Computer learning lab

A computer learning lab is available in the Workforce & Social Services building to help provide GED instruction and other adult basic education. Other computer training is available for Microsoft Office, internet, research, grant applications, resume writing, job searches and more.