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July 16, 2020
Citizen Potawatomi Nation announces mask mandate
July 17, 2020

Language update: July 2020

By Justin Neely, CPN Language Department Director

Take the opportunity to work on the language during our quarantine time. Take part in one of the many online language-learning opportunities we offer. Find more information at potawatomi.org/language.

This month, check out some fun phrases that I got from Jim Thunder, one of our last first language speakers from Wisconsin. Enjoy!

  • Gégo bye bidgekén. Gde bogtheshkwewzede! Don’t come in. Your feet are muddy!
  • Pegdowshen i pkwakwet. Throw the ball to me.
  • Pegdow i pkwakwet. Throw him/her the ball.
  • Bokdonenwi o ndanes. My daughter is pouting.
  • Megwetsownekeni – Octopus
  • Wgi thagzedzo o ngwes dbekok. My son burned himself last night.
  • Nekwsegwzedejen. I have a splinter in my foot.
  • Wdenwan ni wdedeymen. He takes after his dad.
  • Wdenwan ni wneneymen. She takes after her mom.
  • Mikwnebwamshen. Remind me.
  • Wdapkadebzo. He/she is having a Charlie horse.
  • Ngi-mikwnebwama. I reminded him/her.
  • Anmikwa – to take someone to task for something
  • Cho ngeshktosin ewi mbayan. I am unable to sleep.
  • Nbakwnemak – he/she opens it for me
  • Kenandep – skull/bonehead (Some use this jokingly to say “bonehead.”)
  • Ni je etsegongezet o penojes? How many days old is that baby?
  • Boniken! Leave it alone. (singular)
  • Bonikmok! You all leave it alone. (plural)
  • Ngi-bonikan. I left it alone.
  • Dapneshen. Pick me up.
  • Mbagnek shgeshem o penoje. Put the baby on the bed.
  • Ngi-pamse’a o ndeish. I am walking the dog.
  • Mbemse shi myewesek. I am walking on the path.
  • I shna ewi jakgishgewat nnijansek wpi nishwabdekpbomgek. In 20 years, my kids will be all grown up.
  • Gégo jinewsekén. Don’t be greedy.
  • Gégo kwansegsekén. Don’t be stingy!
  • Anodze – another word for greedy
  • Metawgak – sandy area
  • Ngi-nkweshkak. He met me.
  • Nmokjane. I have a pimple on my nose.