Indian Child Welfare

The Indian Child Welfare Program monitors tribal court cases, state court cases, adoptions and subsidized adoptions. The ICW office also provides home-based services, foster care, prevention services, counseling, parenting skills, respite care and crisis interventions.

Children who are eligible for Indian Child Welfare services have generally been removed from their parents by a court of competent jurisdiction for abuse or neglect. These children are then placed in a foster care situation or into the care of a relative. The ICW caseworker's goal is to return the child to its home or if reunification fails, to arrange a permanent placement for the child through adoption.

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Child Protection services

The purpose is to identify, treat and prevent child abuse/neglect and to ensure that reasonable efforts are made to maintain and to protect children in their own homes whenever possible. CPS is primarily responsible for conducting the initial child abuse or neglect investigation. During the investigation, law enforcement may be contacted for a joint determination of whether removal is appropriate. CPS will assist families to resolve their problems so that children do not have to be removed from the home.

Family Preservation Services

The Family Preservation Program assists families that are at risk of having their children removed from their home. The program offers parenting sessions, home-based services, court advocacy, case management, family crisis assistance, respite care, and referrals to other needed services. The program is family-focused and receives referrals from ICW, CPS, Social Services and other agencies in the tribe and the community. The services are culturally sensitive and work to assure that children have a safe and stable environment in which to thrive.


When taking a child into our custody, the first goal in foster care placement is to place the child with their own family. If this is not possible our next goal is to place the child with a Potawatomi family or other approved tribal family. In accordance with the Indian Child Welfare Act, it is vital that we recruit Potawatomi tribal members to open their homes to children who need a safe and nurturing environment.

Becoming a Foster Parent

As a foster parent, you will guide and support your foster child every day. You can help children and their families cope with the challenges that life brings. Foster care gives children a temporary home when their parents are not able to take care of them. In foster care, a child lives in a safe, stable home while the child’s family members focuses on getting the assistance they need. Our program's goal is to return the child home safely. If that is a not possible option, a permanent home will be found.

Becoming an Adoptive Parent

As an adoptive parent, you will be giving a child another chance in life with a permanent, loving home. Adopted children feel good about themselves by gaining the family life they deserve. Adoption gives children a stable, permanent home. Often foster parents choose to adopt their foster child when it is not possible for the child to return home. As an adoptive parent, you will receive special training in the child’s needs, and agency staff will provide you support.