Categories and Placings


1st Place, Peggy Kinder

2nd Place, Charles Clark

3rd Place Tie, Ron Striegel and Sharon Catlege

Adult Amateur – Painting and Drawing

1st Place, Mariah Seedorf, Englightenment

2nd Place, Spencer Wright, Wiske, Nanabozho, and the Pais in watercolor

3rd Place, Jacob Buckmaster, Wolf Drawing Submission

Adult Amateur – Other

1st Place, Emily Korzeniewski, Striped Flying Geese Quilt

2nd Place, Cathy Stephens, Shells

3rd Place, Kim Pratt, The Circle of Life

Youth 5 & Under

1st Place, Audrey Webb

2nd Place, MaKennah Marie Paige Peavey, Under the Sea

3rd Place, Audrey Webb, Flower Pond

Youth 6 to 9

1st, MaRaeyah Cleveland, Sun String Art

2nd, Tyson Moore, Bear Paw String Art

3rd, Kennedy Webb, Lovely

Youth 10 to 12

1st, Brent Korzeniewski, Model Potawatomi Village

2nd, Zaidyn Cleveland, My Bison Picture

3rd, Brent Korzeniewski, Self Portrait in the Year 2020

Youth 13 to 15

1st, Tyler Smith, Medallion Art

2nd, Walker T. Buckmaster, Moonlight Cactus

3rd, Ryne Buckmaster, Teepee