Check out the talented artists in this year’s Virtual Family Reunion Festival Art Contest’s Professional Division.

Amy Prasad

Bryan (Lane) Lincecum

“The work I’m submitting is a self-published comic I wrote and produced for my final semester of my undergraduate degree. The title of the book is Flyover, it is 14 pages long, and published in an edition of 100 hand-bound copies. The story follows a young woman who is exploring the post-apocalyptic shores of Lake Michigan, trying to understand how the world around her got to be the way it is. This story is thematically inspired by my learning about Potawatomi oral traditions and lifeways as an adult, and how this knowledge changed my relationship with the area of Wisconsin I grew up in.” 

View full comic by clicking here.

Charles Clark – Second Place

Peggy Kinder – 1st Place

Ron Striegel – 3rd Place – Tie

Sharon Catlege – 3rd Place – Tie