Spring Foraging Plant Walk

Join Widoktadwen Gtegan (Community Garden) manager Kaya DeerInWater for a discussion on foraging during the spring followed by a question and answer session.

Youth 13 to 15

Tyler Smith – 1st Place “Art medallions are an ancient art form. This medallion art has a repeated pattern.” Walker T. Buckmaster – 2nd Place Ryne Buckmaster – 3rd Place

Youth 10 to 12

Autumn Armbruster Brent Korzeniewski 1st and 3rd Place Coy Buckmaster Lauren Hulsopple Victor Harding Zaidyn Cleveland – 2nd Place

Youth 6 to 9

Amelia Watson Janell Pryor Kennedy Webb – 3rd Place Lily Berger MaRaeyah Cleveland – 1st Place Tyson Moore – 2nd Place

Youth 5 & Under

Audrey Webb – 1st and 3rd Place MaKennah Marie Paige Peavey – 2nd Place

Adult Amateur – Other

Anna Korzeniewski Cathy Stephens – 2nd Place Emily Korzeniewski – 1st Place Erin Locke Joshua Williams Kim Pratt – 3rd Place

Adult Amateur – Painting and Drawing

Cathy Stephens Mariah Seedorf – 1st Place Jacob Buckmaster – 3rd Place Sarah Henderson Joshua Williams Patty (Emily) Buckmaster Spencer Wright – 2nd Place


Check out the talented artists in this year’s Virtual Family Reunion Festival Art Contest’s Professional Division. Amy Prasad Bryan (Lane) Lincecum View full comic by clicking here. Charles Clark – Second Place Peggy Kinder – 1st Place Ron Striegel – 3rd Place – Tie Sharon Catlege – 3rd Place – Tie

Cooking Demonstration

June is De’mengises (Strawberry Moon), which is the perfect time to take advantage of fresh, delicious berries. Check out this cooking demonstration to learn how to use a variety of berries to create a tasty, sweet reduction that goes great on ice cream, cakes and more.

Mno Waben (Good Morning) Session

Get your morning or week off to a great start by watching the Mno Waben session that features Potawatomi songs, an overview of a traditional morning ceremony and more.