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The CPN Department of Education now administers the consolidated CPN Tribal Scholarship via a user-friendly, online Education Portal. You may access the link to the Education Portal in our sidebar or by clicking the link below.

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CPN Tribal Scholarship

The CPN Department of Education administers the CPN Tribal Scholarship, a consolidated version of what was previously the Tribal Rolls, Housing, and Higher Education Scholarships. The Tribal Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for payment of tuition for Tribal members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Enrolled CPN tribal members who complete the application by the deadline and meet criteria will be eligible to receive up to $2,000 (full-time status) or $750 (part-time status) per semester.

First time applying? Needing technical assistance? Please contact us to assist you with the application process.


Fall Scholarships/MJK Scholarship

  • Application opens: July 15 at 8 a.m. CT
  • Application closes: Sept. 15 at 5 p.m. CT

Spring Scholarships

  • Application opens: Nov. 15 at 8 a.m. CT
  • Application closes: Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. CT

Summer Scholarships

  • Application opens: March 15 at 8 a.m. CT
  • Application closes: June 15 at 5 p.m. CT


In 2021, the Michael John Kennedy (MJK) Scholarship was established to honor the legacy of Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal citizen and veteran Michael John Kennedy. Through this scholarship, the Department of Education awards one tribal citizen an additional $1000 scholarship annually. To be eligible for the award, you must meet ALL the following criteria:

–           Currently enrolled citizen of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation

–           Child or grandchild of a veteran of the United States Armed Forces or a veteran yourself

–           Rising junior or senior in college (60+ credit hours completed)

–           Attending a not-for-profit, regionally accredited institution

–           Demonstrate a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Students must submit their most recent unofficial transcript, current schedule, and proof of veteran status. If a descendent of a veteran, the student must provide proof that the individual served in the Armed Forces as well as proof the veteran is connected to the student. Students must also write a 250-500 word essay answering the following prompt:

What has been the impact of Potawatomi warriors on the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and how have you personally felt that impact in your life today?

The application for this scholarship can be found on the Education Portal during the Fall semester (July 15-September 15) at


2023 – Casimir Szupica (click here to read Casimir’s essay)
2022 – Sarah Dunigan (click here to read Sarah’s essay)
2021 – Jozelle Arenz (click here to read Jozelle’s essay)

OBU-CPN MBA Partnership program

Oklahoma Baptist University and Citizen Potawatomi Nation signed a collaborative agreement to provide a corporate online MBA program for CPN tribal members.

Program participants are selected by CPN leadership and screened by OBU.

To accommodate working adults, the MBA is as flexible as possible. Course requirements are completed in a unique 100-percent online environment. OBU faculty supervise, coach, and collaborate with students as they participate in the growth and development of their education.

To learn more about this program, please contact the Oklahoma Baptist University College of Graduate & Professional Studies admissions team at 405-585-4603 or the CPN Education Department at 405-695-6028 or


Our student success advisors offer free support to tribal members year-round. We can help you compare college options, assist with college applications, find outside scholarships, review essays, and more. We can also help you find resources for taking standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT.

Students can meet with advisors in person at  tribal headquarters, over the phone, via video conference, or via email. To set up an appointment or find out more, visit to create an account. Students can also email or call  us at 405-695-6028 or toll free at 1-800-880-9880. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Internship Program provides an opportunity for a paid internship with a tribal department. Spring and fall internships are 160 hours, part-time, spread over the course of an entire semester. Summer internships are 240 hours, full-time, for a six-week duration. Interns can be placed in any department at the tribe. Placements are intentionally selected to align with career interests and educational pursuits. Benefits of the Internship Program include $10 hourly pay, soft skill workplace training, professional communication development, and more. Applications are available on If you have questions regarding the Internship Program, please contact Kym Coe at (405) 275-3121 or

Potawatomi Leadership Program

The Potawatomi Leadership Program educates, informs, and encourages qualified Potawatomi students, within the Tribal membership at large, to develop a more accurate perception of the Tribe and its operations.

The Potawatomi Leadership Program provides an opportunity for a group of high-achieving Citizen Potawatomi Nation college students to participate in an annual summer internship. The six-week program educates promising young Tribal members from around the world about CPN’s government, culture, and economic development. At its core, the PLP strives to cultivate talent from within CPN to ensure that younger generations are prepared for a role in the future governance of their Tribe.

Find Out More

Mdamen Leadership Program

Modeled after the successful Potawatomi Leadership Program, the Mdamen, or “that miraculous seed,” Leadership Program strives to help Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal members to connect with their tribe in ways they have not been able to before. Citizens will be able to virtually learn about the government, culture, and economic development of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, all while connecting with their cultural identity and fellow citizens.

Any enrolled tribal citizen of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation who is 18 or older may apply to be a part of the Mdamen Program. You must have reliable access to a computer and the Internet. You are ineligible from participating in the program if you have previously participated in the Potawatomi Leadership Program.

The application can be found online at from October 1st through December 1st. Applicants will be reviewed by an independent review committee and the applicant’s responses to the essay prompts will determine their selection into the program. If you have questions regarding the Mdamen Program, please contact Kym Coe at (405) 275-3121 or


Rachel Watson
PLP Advisor


B.A. in History with a minor in German from the University of Central Oklahoma
M.S. Ed in Education, Culture and Society from the University of Pennsylvania


Coaching/judging speech and debate, reading, Stardew Valley and re-watching The Office.
Charles Lee III
Assistant Director


B.A. in Cinema Studies from the University of Oklahoma


Spending time with family, learning new recipes, playing video games, and cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals
Matt Higdon
Student Success Advisor


B.A. Secondary Education with a minor in Psychology from East Central University
M.A. in Education from East Central University


Spending time outdoors, listening/playing music, and acquiring new skills and experiences.
Kym Coe
Internship & Project Coordinator


B.A. in Family Psychology, minor in missions from Oklahoma Baptist University


Watching movies and playing games with family, crafting, baking and reading.
Emily Higdon
Student Success Advisor


B.A. in Humanities


Enjoys painting, playing video games, reading and spending time with friends.