Lets learn a little about our artist:

As mixed-Indigenous artist, Yabwé Kwe/Christina Foster uses her artwork to educate others about Indigenous cultures and speak on her experience being part of two cultures: Citizen Potawatomi and white.  She studied at the University of Central Missouri where she received her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis is Sculpture and minor in Theatre. Her works are interdisciplinary, incorporating techniques and styles across multiple mediums. 

On the Wings of the Seventh Fire by Christina Foster


This piece highlights the red-winged blackbird, Mskwangéjêk, the Potawatomi bird, to symbolize the Seventh Fire Prophecy, while also paying homage to the other six Fires. The animals representing each prophecy correspond to those in the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center exhibit of the Seven Fires, starting with the Turtle, then to the Otter, Pike, Snake, Bear, Muskrat and, instead of an Eagle, I chose to use the Potawatomi bird as the symbol of the Seventh Fire. I feel it parallels the idea of cultural rejuvenation having “carried the fire” for us on its wings through centuries, keeping the spark alive. The blue surrounding each element of the piece represents water, mbish, and its interconnectedness while also tying the piece to Mother Earth, Segmekwe. The Sun, Gises, represents the Skyworld and the connection to Creator, Mamogosnan. The overall harmony in the elements of the piece represent our connection to and between past, present, and future and the importance of these not only on their own, but together.