District 3 – Bob Whistler

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), Since last month’s article, I had the opportunity to attend the National Congress of American Indians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a great trip, and I returned with information on a number of subjects. Much of that, I have turned over to Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal headquarters for review, and any Read More »

District 2 – Eva Marie Carney

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), Do you operate a nonprofit organization or foundation? If you do, I’d love to hear from you. In the last few years, I’ve met two vibrant Citizen Potawatomi women who have founded and continue to operate nonprofit organizations, Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena (Tennessee) and Dell Migwekwe Chalk (Virginia). This fall, I started Read More »

District 1 – Roy Slavin

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), As I write this, my wife Julia and I are preparing for our trip to Washington, D.C., where we will attend our districts 1 and 2 joint meeting Nov. 11, Veterans Day. Veterans in attendance will be honored. My military career of “three years” began in 1950 just before the Korean Read More »

District 10 – David Barrett

Bozho (Hello), When do you become an elder? What does it mean to become an elder? Does someone assign that position to another individual? Is it due to the age of the person? Or is it based on the wealth of knowledge an individual accumulates over a lifetime? Some American Indian education programs describe tribal Read More »

District 8 – Dave Carney

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. Many districts are hosting Fall Feasts in November. District 8’s dinner get-together is Nov. 11. If you have not yet RSVP’d, please email me at dcarney@potawatomi.org. You should have received a postcard about this event. In past years, we have Read More »

District 7 – Mark Johnson

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), It is again time to get your fall graduation announcements in for anyone graduating high school or college in December. Please email the following information to graduation@potawatomi.org and they will be announced in a following issue of the Hownikan. Name Hometown Potawatomi family name Degree/major School name For those of you Read More »

District 6 – Rande K. Payne

Bozho nikan (Hello friends), November is a special month as it brings the closing of the autumn season and prepares us for the approaching winter. But more importantly, November is a good month to reflect on all we are thankful for. Life is filled with ups and downs, and at times it may even be Read More »

District 5 – Gene Lambert

Bozho nikanek (Hello friends), You probably guessed from the last article I have been doing research on special days in each month. November was no exception. In my research, I discovered 30 holidays you wouldn’t even think about, and I chose a few you may find significant or amusing. From last month’s article, I actually Read More »

District 4 – Jon Boursaw

Bozho (Hello), Veterans Day I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal members who are currently serving our nation, and to my fellow CPN veterans for their service and sacrifices. Like most veterans, I have memories of those countless friendships, and although several were maintained over the Read More »

District 3 – Bob Whistler

Bozho nikan (Hello friend), The last several months for Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico, have been disastrous for many citizens of our country. Also, there have been some breaches of security systems of several firms with the hacking of their systems. As a result, you may want to put a freeze on your credit Read More »