Executive & Legislative Columns: February 2024

John “Rocky” Barrett Tribal Chairman Bozho nikan, (Hello, my friend,) At the end of January, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation signed a ten year compact with the State of Oklahoma that maintains the substance of a longstanding cooperative agreement between our Nation and the State about the details of tobacco sales by the Nation within our Read More »

Executive & Legislative Columns: December 2023

John “Rocky” Barrett Tribal Chairman Bozho nikan, (Hello, my friend,) With December, we will soon close out the year and prepare to start a new one. It is a good opportunity to look back on the Tribe’s many accomplishments these past 12 months and to see all the ways we have grown. CPN’s industries are Read More »

Legislative columns: November 2023

Alan MelotDistrict 1 Happy holidays everyone! I got a letter from one of the wisest citizens in District 1 last week, and it was just full of gratitude. How perfect! Their appreciation for our Nation was palpable, with shout-outs to our mail-order program for seniors and scholarship program for students. It is that time of Read More »