Darling family history

The Darling family’s Potawatomi ties began with the marriage of Elizabeth Ouilmette and Lucius (Louis) Ripley Darling in 1836. Darling descendants have gone on to serve in the military, establish businesses, become talented athletes and more.

CPN celebrates 25th anniversary of name change

In February 1996, Citizen Potawatomi from across the United States cast their votes during a special secretarial election to reflect the Tribe’s sovereignty as a tribal nation by officially changing its name from the Citizen Band Potawatomi Tribe of Oklahoma to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Whether it’s employing tens of thousands of Oklahomans, providing law enforcement in rural communities, or bringing in federal funds to pay for road paving, Oklahoma’s tribal nations contribute greatly to our shared communities.

Language update: February 2021

Read about what the language department has been working on so far in 20201, including a new cartoon, new posters, this year’s storytelling event and more.

Dating violence education means more than healthy relationships

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and bringing the issues that often remain in the dark into the light provides the opportunity to stop cycles of harm. Citizen Potawatomi Nation House of Hope Prevention Specialist Kayla Woody believes education is the best tool.

Greemore descendant studies arctic sea ice as global warming intensifies

Based on current climate models, CPN member and geophysics student Jacob Pratt estimates the arctic will see ice-free summers by 2035 due to rising global temperatures. With advances in remote sensing data, he is working on new methods to identify bottomfast sea ice.

Shop with a Cop brings together community, law enforcement

In 2020, Shop with a Cop raised more than $13,500 with the help of 16 organizations, including Citizen Potawatomi Nation and many local nonprofits, businesses and entrepreneurs. The generous donations provided enough to give more than 130 participants money for gifts.