During this episode, we visit Bodéwadmimwen classes that are in-person again. We also talk to a Tribal member with experience in the Oklahoma film industry as a costumer and hear from the Oklahoma Gaming Industry Association Chairman about its recent history and future.

Language classes reach Tribal members in person, online

In 2021, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Language Department began offering in-person classes again after more than a year due to the pandemic. Since many Tribal members live across the country, they also use an online platform every session. Department Director Justin Neely teaches each class virtually over Zoom and uploads them to YouTube afterward.

Tribal members listen to CPN Language Department staff at an in-person class in December 2021.

Tribal member Lorrie Underwood has been tuning in from Colorado to as many classes online as possible the past two years. She appreciates the language department making the effort to offer it via the internet.

“It’s my only connection. And that coupled with things being cancelled, Gathering being cancelled, things like that – it’s my only connection. So, it’s very valuable to me,” Underwood said.

Find many online language resources by clicking the “Language” tab at potawatomiheritage.com.

Aspiring costume designer begins career in Oklahoma film industry

Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal member Amy Higdon followed her passion for costume design. Since 2014, she has worked on several large productions in the Oklahoma film industry. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in theater from Oklahoma State University, she is now pursuing her masters of fine arts in costume design at the University of California, Los Angeles.

CPN member Amy Higdon enjoys telling story through costuming on the sets of television shows and films.

“If you’re an actor, you kind of hope to get discovered one day and have a breakout role or something like that,” Higdon said. “But a designer, it’s very much like chipping away at the stone and climbing the ladder. And it’s like, you do this so you can do that, which gets you here to meet this person. And so it’ll take a little while, but I’m getting closer every day.”

Find Amy Higdon’s website at amyhigdondesign.com and IMDB page at cpn.news/higdonIMDB.

Discussion with Matt Morgan, Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Chairman

Throughout the past two years, the pandemic and legal challenges to gaming compacts agreed upon with the state of Oklahoma have both presented unique challenges for Citizen Potawatomi Nation and the rest of the industry. The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association held its annual trade show and conference in person once again this August. Matt Morgan has served at the Chairman of the OIGA since 2019. He offers insight about the state of the industry, the future of gaming and his take on government partnerships.

Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Chairman Matt Morgan

“When you come to Oklahoma, what you’re seeing is the most technologically advanced floors in the world, and that’s what we do. And we do it really well,” Morgan said. “And we’re always looking to what’s next, whether that’s sports betting, whether that’s iGaming, whether that’s esports.”

The 2022 Oklahoma Legislative Session begins in January with more laws and proposals that effect the gaming industry sure to come. Find the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association online at oiga.org.

Learning Language

It’s time for Learning Language, when the CPN Language Department joins us to teach vocabulary, songs, stories and more. In this segment, department director Justin Neely tells a short story about the origin of the word Bozho or “Hello” in Potawatomi.

Learning Language – December 2021

For more information and opportunities with language, including self-paced classes, visit cpn.news/language. You can find an online dictionary at potawatomidictonary.com as well as videos on YouTube. There are also Potawatomi courses on the language-learning app Memrise.

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