District 1 candidates

Drew (Jon) Boursaw

I am running for Region One’s legislator for one reason: to help my fellow Potawatomi Tribal members. I have been fortunate to receive support and assistance from Citizen Potawatomi Nation and I want to be able to offer that same support and assistance to the tribal members of Region One. As a member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation, there is so much to be proud of. We are a tribe that truly looks after its members. Whether that support is through scholarships, health benefits, or housing assistance, our members come first. I want to advance these benefits and help the tribe grow.

During this campaign, I have seen many of my opponents running for selfish interests. I believe that, if elected, I need to place my personal beliefs second to the Tribal members for Region One. As a legislator, I would represent Region One. With that in mind, it is issues and ideas from the Tribal members of Region One that I will move forward with. This will be accomplished with a thorough communication plan that allows each member of Region One to use different avenues of communication to voice their concerns and ideas.

As I stated earlier, I am running for one reason: to help my fellow Potawatomi Tribal members.

David Slavin – Gzhiptot (He’s Fast)

In the past few articles each of candidates where given questions about their thoughts on leadership, engaging Tribal members, what we felt as candidates were the most pressing issues. As well as information about our own personal growth.

As a legislator we have the responsibility to listen to our constituents about question they may have concerning services, education, and traditions. As well as participating in meetings threw zoom or in person.

As stated before, in other articles. My great, great grandmother Theresa survived the trail of death as a child. And was raised and educated by the sisters of St. Mary’s. Theresa married James Slavin a Irish immigrant. I am a veteran of the US Navy and served during the Viet Nam war era. My service as well as my father, bother and uncles are part of the Veterans wall along with other veterans. I received my electronics training in the navy. I was meritoriously advanced in rank and receive two letters of commendation. I have a BA in Communication Arts from Park Collage. I taught electronics and robotics at Kansas City Kansas Community Collage. And was the assistant track coach at KCKCC as well. I have worked at Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad for the past 27 years. I am a lead electrician at BNSF as well as part of the first responder hazmat team.

It would be an honor to be district 1 legislator. And to represent the members of district 1.

Kevin Roberts – Kakingeshi (Grizzly Bear)

Bozho Nikanek & Mezodanek
(Friends & Family)

Considering the size of District 1, I realize many of you reading this don’t really know me. I wanted to provide a personal glimpse and basis why I want to be your District 1 Legislator.

My wife, Diana, and I are proud parents of 3 adult children, Son Cody (wife Jess & grandson Beauden), and 2 daughters – Emily, and Sarah. I retired in 2018 after a fulfilling 36 year career in executive leadership with State Farm Insurance Company.

I graduated with a BS in Business Admin from Central Methodist University, Fayette, Missouri where I was also captain of the football team and a thrower on the track team. I grew up in Moberly, Missouri and now reside in Normal, Illinois. I am passionate about the outdoors. I love to hunt, fish, trap, canoe, and hike. I also enjoy wood working utilizing salvaged trees.

I am a dedicated student of our Bodewadmimwen (Potawatomi language), studying under Justin Neely & Robert Collins. Through my studies, I have learned so much more about our Potawatomi culture, our community, and the progress journey our tribal nation continues to forge. 

I have a sincere appreciation for the 7 grandfather teachings, (Love, Respect, Truth, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom, Courage). 

I strive to live by these daily.

We have so much talent, knowledge, & spirit among our tribal members. Many have helped me with family research, regalia crafts, cultural insights, language, and so much more. I have crafted my own moccasins, tobacco bags, pipe & pipe bowl, otter turban, cedar feather box, and I’m currently working on a beaded pipe bag. I’d like to explore the world of loom beading someday.

Having passed before I was born, I never knew my grandfather, Joseph Alexander Richstatter. He was the son of Ignatius & Theresa Effie (Bertrand) Richstatter. I have enjoyed researching my family’s history. I however, carry an empty void due to not ever having had the opportunity to talk to & learned from my grandfather. I know he had a very hard, difficult life yet was a very talented individual. I do believe my grand father would be proud of me. I am compelled to lead and I honor my grandfather via my candidacy for the legislator role.

I consider the role of tribal legislator very similar to what I did during my 36 year career. That being, working with the district members & our Legislative/Executive branches, establishing & forging relationships, interacting with the people of the district regularly, solving challenging & important issues, celebrating achieving established goals/results, and helping our tribal members & the Citizen Potawatomi Nation succeed! I am well prepared and ready for the opportunity to serve as your district 1 legislator. 

I have offered Tobacco. I have sent my prayers. I have visited with many friends & family members across our great tribal nation. All intended to help me be the very best legislator I can be for District. I need, and very much appreciate, your vote!’

Igwien (Heartfelt thank you)

Alan Melot

Bozho, I am Alan Melot and I am asking for your vote for Legislator of District 1.

These past few months have been encouraging and refreshing, to see how many Citizen Potawatomi in District 1 care so much about our Nation! To each of you who have taken the time to get in touch with me to voice your concerns, to be supportive, and to teach me what is important to you, MIGWETCH!

Here is a recap of what you have told me is important, and what I plan to work on:

  • In-person meetings throughout the District. While we have been able to communicate or meet virtually, most everyone has said they want to be together in-person. I agree, and will work with you and Tribal headquarters to coordinate proper District meetings as the Covid-19 pandemic subsides. Additionally, I will coordinate with you to have smaller meetings throughout the district so we can all get to know each other better, share culture and language knowledge and do the things that Potawatomi do.
  • Increased transparency in government. You have told me that you want to know what is done with Tribal money, both where it comes from and where it goes. You have told me that you want to know what the Tribe is doing in our name, and be better informed about Tribal affairs. I will increase transparency to the best of my ability.
  • Improved access to services. So many of you struggle with access to Tribal services! Whether it is getting a mortgage through our bank, getting medication from our pharmacy or getting health insurance through the ACA Marketplace, just to name a few, I have been surprised at how many of you have reported difficulty receiving what is rightfully yours. I am committed to helping you solve problems and getting you in touch with the Tribal or Federal resources you need.
  • Connection to culture, language and our history. We are fundamentally a Great Lakes tribe, moved against our will to central Oklahoma. District 1 is unique, in that it contains our homelands. We have a unique opportunity to maximize revitalization of our language and culture in District 1, on our own ancestral lands. I intend to use every resource available to empower you, so we can make these connections.

Along with these goals, I have my own: restoration of Potawatomi stewardship of Potawatomi land. There is a growing movement of tribes reclaiming stewardship of their ancestral lands, and I believe that we need to prioritize this. Simply put, we need connection to the land of our ancestors.

Thank you for your prayers, your interest and your feedback. You can find more at cpndistrict1.com, email me at asmelot@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook.

Igwien (heartfelt thanks)