District 4 candidates

Jon E. Boursaw – Wetase Mkoh (Brave Bear)

Topeka, Kansas

Bachelor of Business Administration, Washburn Univ
Air Force Command & Staff College, Maxwell AFB, AL
Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL
Numerous other Executive Leadership/Management Courses & Seminars

It has been my pleasure serving as your Legislative Representative for the past eight years. I have had the unique opportunity to meet and assist many of you personally. I have enjoyed the association I have had with those of you who have attended the numerous District meetings I have held. I estimate I have participated in over a hundred namings, each giving me a feeling of esteem honor for being asked to create and give an individual their Indian name. As I our enrollment continues to grow, I am committed to work with my fellow Legislators to maintain a strong financial position to protect your benefits, including the scholarship program, mail order pharmacy, health aids and burial fund,. It would be with my sincere appreciation to be selected as your Representative for another four years. I cannot do that without your support. Please encourage eligible family members to vote.

Photo by Dave Leiker

Elexa “Amo” Dawson

Chandler, Oklahoma ndoch bya, Kansas mshkode ndeda

Current student of Johnson County Community College, Sustainable Agriculture

Bozho, I’m Elexa “Amo” Dawson. I’m descended from the Ogee and Beaubien families.

I was born at Mission Hill and raised in Chandler, Oklahoma. I moved to Chase County, Kansas in 2005 where I’ve worked as a musician, teacher, and bartender. As a musician, I have honorably represented our people internationally. I have prioritized Potawatomi identity in my work and life.

If elected District 4 legislator, I will host multi-generational cultural events on a monthly basis. It is only through our language and culture, which is practiced in community, that we can identify ourselves as Potawatomi. 

Financially, I believe we should be seeking full transparency from our companies, and investing in the success of all our people. I believe we can be simultaneously prosperous and strong in our values.

I love Kansas and our Nation. It is time for us to walk forward in a way that is unmistakably Potawatomi.