By Tesia Zientek, Director of the CPN Department of Education

Through a generous donation from the United States Social Security Administration, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Department of Education received a limited number of desktop computer sets to be granted to current students. Since last year, we have granted several of those computers to local high school and college students. Recently, we have been approached by middle school students and their families about their need for a computer, so we are excited to announce that we are extending the eligibility to those in grades six through eight.

Each set includes an HP Flat Screen Monitor, an HP Compaq Elite 8300 Microtower, keyboard and mouse. Our CPN Information Technology Department has inspected each unit for its quality and safety. Students who receive computers will be responsible for providing their own security as well as word processing and spreadsheet software. However, as many students move toward using web-based systems such as Google Documents, such software may be less necessary than internet access. Unfortunately, due to size and weight, we are unable to ship the computers. Students must be willing to pick them up from Tribal headquarters.

Any enrolled Citizen Potawatomi middle school, high school or college student is eligible to apply for this computer grant. Eligible students may apply by providing the following:

  • A short 250-500 word essay describing your short- (within the next month), mid- (within the next six months), and long-term (within the next year) educational and career goals and how this computer will help you achieve them
  • Unofficial high school or college transcript to show proof of enrollment
  • CPN Workforce & Social Services Hardship Application
  • Signed liability waiver

To obtain the hardship application and liability waiver or to submit application documents, students may contact the CPN Department of Education by telephone at 405-275-3121 or by email at