Language teachers Randy Schlachtun and Enedina Banks lead the childrens’ language class at Festival 2017.

The 2017 Potawatomi Festival was a lot of fun. We did a Potawatomi scavenger hunt where folks had to translate the questions from Potawatomi to English using dictionaries that we provided. They then travelled (around the tribal grounds) to various locations to get the answers. We had 22 people complete the scavenger hunt. We mailed out prizes for who got the most questions answered correctly, who traveled the furthest, etc. Everyone who completed the form got a t-shirt which said “I survived the Potawatomi scavenger hunt.”

Here is the total listing of the scavenger hunt answers, which can be located in the insert. Another language activity was Potawatomi bingo. We had two sessions and over 100 people for each session. We also had several people attend our Total Physical Response Storytelling session where I told the story of “The Old Woman in the
Box.” If you would like to read the story – it can be found online here:

We also had a kids class which the kids played a matching game and had a good time. Overall, Festival was a good experience I think everyone had a real good time.

Migwetch to everyone who came and if not hope to catch you next year. Also Igwien to the CPN Language Department staff who made the many classes run smoothly. By the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll be in Canada participating in the Potawatomi language conference at the 2017 Gathering of Potawatomi Nations. If you happen to be at Gathering, please come say hello. It is a fantastic opportunity to see our northern cousins, many of whom study our shared language. If you are interested in Potawatomi language resources, please visit to get access to a free 5,500-word Lexique Pro Potawatomi Dictionary and online, self-paced language courses.