Rhodd family member Taylor Ramsey from Carlsbad, California is no stranger to hard work and dedication. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist and full-time performance coach, he also recently completed graduate coursework at Point Loma Nazarene University in May.

Ramsey is a tribal scholarship recipient who received assistance with his bachelor’s degree in exercise science: sports performance and nutrition, while playing college football at Southeast Missouri State University. He is currently using the tribal scholarship funds to help complete his master’s in kinesiology: sports performance.

“Sometimes the scholarship I received from Citizen Potawatomi Nation has been the only thing that allowed me to live comfortably and not miss meals during the last couple years,” Ramsey said. “I am truly grateful that they have extended so much without ever having met me. I believe CPN has played a larger role in shaping me than they or I will truly understand.”

Ramsey combines his experience as a former college football player with his knowledge as a sports performance specialist to design and implement training programs for athletes. His work helps to increase their athletic performances while decreasing the risk of non-contact injuries at a facility called Keen Performance.

“Playing football not only allowed me to define myself through an opportunity for leadership, great effort and a relentless determination regardless of the odds, but it allowed me an opportunity for a higher education and a better, more diverse life as well.”

Ramsey said his life has been so impacted by sports that he wanted to give back to other athletes.

“A main reason why I started studying kinesiology is that I have seen numerous promising athletes get injured and never have the opportunity to return to a high level or, for some, never return to playing.”

His passion is clear if you look at his schedule. He wakes up at 4 a.m., works as a performance coach for youth ranging from nine years old to college athletes, trains professional athletes and those in the military and continues to train until 8 p.m. He does this all while concurrently studying to complete his master’s degree.

“Coming from a single parent and multi-children home, I was no stranger to the very real struggles that seemed to plague adulthood. If ever I would worry, my mother would reassure me to have faith that God has a plan,” Ramsey said. “I owe most everything that I am to being an athlete, the people that supported me, the coaches and role models throughout the years.”

His future plans are to earn a doctorate and own a sports medicine practice or coaching facility. He would also like to coach for a professional sports team and eliminate non-contact injuries for the athletes with whom he interacts.

If you are interested in learning more about how CPN can help you succeed in your career and educational goals, please email college@potawatomi.org and speak with one of the college advisors.