FireLake Golf Course

FireLake Golf Course is nearing the final stages of its complete upgrade. Trees and cumbersome underbrush have been removed from the back nine holes, new bridges have been put in and many holes elevated and redesigned. The greens are currently at an 80 percent grow rate, though the growing season is on hold until the weather warms up again. The bridge that linked holes 11 and 12 was demolished and a new, wider one was put in to replace it. The second floor interior of the new club house is still under construction but is also nearing completion.

The first floor of the club house boasts a bar and separate banquet room which are currently open for events. The revitalized pro shop is currently open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The golf course is expected to be playable by late summer 2017. For more information, visit


Iron Horse Industrial Park

A few miles away, approximately 7,000 feet of rail is being laid at Iron Horse Industrial Park. Two new rail lines will serve the facilities inside the industrial park. Park planners are also developing a trans load facility that will transfer cargo shipments from train to truck shipments. Iron Horse is currently searching for potential tenants for the industrial park, visit for more information.

Transportation and Employment & Training Offices

Northeast of the CPN Administration building, the transportation department’s new facility is nearly finished. At the time of print, the building’s tentative completion date is in late-January 2017. The department’s previous location did not have room for their fleet of vehicles. The new facility is a two-story 9,375 square-foot building with a garage, where their fleet of vehicles can be washed and stored inside.

Next door, the CPN Workforce Development building is in its final stages of construction. Once finished, it will replace the employment and training department’s current building in Tecumseh. The expected date for the opening of the workforce development building is spring 2017.

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