With the growing concern for the homeless veterans across the country, I have learned of a new Veteran’s Administration program that was created to deal with the problem called the VA Medical Foster Home. The medical foster home is an alternative to a nursing home setting for eligible veterans who are no longer able to safely live independently. 

The Prescott VA in Arizona started the medical foster home program in March 2012 and today has four homes serving six veterans. The VA’s Home Based Primary Care team is a vital part of the medical foster home program and the HBPC staff makes visits to provide home assessment, caregiver support and education. Direct patient care for the medically complex veterans placed in these homes is important for the program. It may be the answer for veterans who require nursing home care but prefer a non-institutional setting with fewer residents.

I think it is fitting that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are celebrated in November. They are two days that we can show our thanks for the blessings we have received. I still feel a sense of pride when strangers recognize me as a veteran and shake my hand and say, “Thank you for your service.” 

We will not have a November meeting, but will have our Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner on Tuesday, December 13 at 6 p.m. in the North Reunion Hall at the CPN Potawatomi Powwow Grounds. All CPN veterans and their families are welcome. A meal is provided.