Since opening in 2001, FireLake Discount Foods has developed a reputation for being committed to low prices. Although this commitment has served the store well, management believed it was time to build on this strength and provide a better overall experience for staff, vendors and most importantly, customers, by achieving retail excellence in all areas of the business. 

“We took a look at everything we do. From the way we treat our staff, vendors and customers, to making sure we look professional,” said FireLake Discount Foods Store Manager, Mike Lester. “We evaluated all categories throughout the store and made sure that we were up to date with new product offerings and well represented with the staple items that have contributed to so much of our success.”

This evaluation prompted FDF to make changes. From remodeling the cash register areas, product rearrangement on the aisles, adherence to employee uniform standards, the store and its staff have made improvements in a number of areas. FDF has added more than 1,200 new items to meet the needs of customers shopping for gluten free, natural and organic products. 

“We redefined our purpose and developed a vision that would help us achieve it,” added Lester. “Our purpose is to serve our community and provide customers an exceptional shopping experience with superior service, quality products and value prices with a commitment to excellence. In order to achieve this we realized that every employee has to share the same vision. Our vision statement is ‘passionately committed to retail excellence one customer at a time’.”

Along with the physical changes and adopting a mission statement, FDF hopes to become known for having low prices and the cleanest, friendliest store offering the highest quality products.

“We will be the employer that strives to create a fun work environment while expecting excellence out of one another. We will be partners in the community and provide services that other retailers won’t,” said Lester. “We can make a difference not only inside the walls of our stores but in the homes and lives of each and every one of our employees and customers.”

Besides FDF, stores that have been included in these changes thus far are FireLake Discount Foods, FireLake Express Grocery and FireLake Corner Store. The changes will be rolled out at the Travel Plaza in January 2016. If you would like to be a part of FDF’s vision or any of the other entities, please visit for employment